Calais Integration for Alfresco / Geo-Tagging / FlexSpaces part 2

FlexSpaces Geo-Tagging

Here is a screencam video of FlexSpaces 0.8 (which is ready for release). This new screencam shows auto-tagging, semi-automatic tag suggesting,  multiple semantic tag clouds, and automatic geo-location tagging (displayed on a Google map). It uses the Calais Integration  forge project for Alfresco and the Open Calais service.

This map, uses the Google Map Flash API (Flex), displays markers where there is location info provided in the semantic tags  (location info from Calais via the Calais integration).  When you click on a marker, it works just like a tag cloud,  and drives search results.

(Note: the previous part 1 post  also showed showed auto-tagging and multiple semantic tag clouds in FlexSpaces).

FlexSpaces with the semantic tagging / Calais features can be run in 4 different ways:

  • FlexSpaces+AIR with Adobe AIR (1.1, 1.5)
  • FlexSpaces+Browser in FireFox, IE, Chrome browsers (with Flash 9.x, 10.x)
  • FlexSpaces site page components inside Alfresco Share
  • FlexSpaces views as portlets in a portal (such as Liferay, JBoss, etc.)

FlexSpaces supports Alfresco Enterprise/Labs 2.x/3.x, Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES (currently have just been testing FlexSpaces 0.8 and the semantic / Calais features with Alfresco Enterprise 3.0).

FlexSpaces 0.8 will have the following new Flex based components (and Cairngorm non ui apis): node semantic tag properties editor, auto-tag action, tag suggestion dialog, semantic tag cloud, semantic tag category tree, general Google map, semantic geo-tag map.


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Steve Reiner has over 30 years of software development experience, including 9 years at Documentum, and 6 years on Harvard Graphics at Software Publishing. Developing open source integrated AI and semantic tech software including UIs, as a semi-retired individual developer / CTO of Integrated Semantics.

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  1. Steve,
    FlexSpaces looks interesting. Would you consider posting it in the Open Calais Gallery. We have at least one other geo-tagging application there; it would be nice to add yours.
    Fran Sansalone
    Calais Community Manager

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