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3. June 2009

Alfresco International Contributor of the Year Award

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Alfresco Announces Winners of Annual Partner & Community Awards

Thanks Alfresco for the International Contributor (Community) of the Year Award!

Steve Reiner
Integrated Semantics

2. June 2009

FlexSpaces and LiveCycle Workspace integrated UI

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I was able to get FlexSpaces UI for document management with Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES integrated with LiveCycle Workspace UI for  starting processes/forms/task-lists.  The workspace start process, to-do, and tracking are in tabs. The workspace preferences, messages, help are available from menus.  It works on Flex+Browser.   Also will SSO from/to other LC apps. (I can’t make this available as open source).

For an integration of FlexSpaces+AIR with Workspace, getting PDF Form controlling code to work in Flex+AIR looks challenging.  I could also create some Workspace pods for FlexibleShare (although FlexibleShare is Flex+AIR currently, could also do a +Browser version)

Document Library Tab (click image twice for larger):

FlexSpaces for LiveCycle doc library

Workspace Tab / start process (click image twice for larger):

FlexSpaces for LiveCycle start process

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