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19. April 2012

New CMIS Spaces 2012.04.19 version

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A new version of CMIS Spaces is now available on google code:

1. Now can set the cmis atompub url for your repository from a preferences dialog without changing the config file. The preferences dialog  is accessed by clicking on the “Preferences” button on the login page.

2. Has fixes for Alfresco 4.x opencmis atompub binding. Tested on Alfresco 4.0d (Alfresco 3.x atompub binding, 4.x opencmis atompub binding,  and soap binding),  IBM FileNet, Nuxeo 5.5,  and Adobe CRX). Still need to test on Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum.

3. Now uses the video player instead of video display control (so has more controls and fullscreen option). A  “Play Video” menu was added to the File menu.

4. The code has been been split up into libraries (atompub, soap, main cmis spaces lib, etc.) and an app project. Further work is needed on the libraries, maybe could make more like Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS client APIs.

5. AIR and  “in browser” versions are available  A CMIS Spaces Mobile version (like FlexSpace Moble) is coming soon.

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