Calais Integration / Semantics for Alfresco – sneak peak part 1

Auto-tagging in FlexSpaces with Calais Integration for Alfresco

Here is a sneak peak video of  semantic auto-tagging and multiple semantic tag clouds coming in the next release of FlexSpaces+AIR / FlexSpaces+Browser. This uses the  Calais Integration  Alexander and  I have been working on, the Open Calais service, and Alfresco.  The Calais integration auto-tag action can also be used from the “run action” UI in the Alfresco web client (now called Explorer).

Things in the works: Flex UI for tag suggestions, storing URIs in the integration for future linked data use, storing geo-location info from Calais 3.1, and map UI to display geo-location points to filter search results.

The Calais integration amps including web scripts are in the Calais Integration forge project. Note we may use the Semantics for Alfresco merged project for certain pieces in the future. A google code project, semantics4alfresco has also been reserved.   Current FlexSpaces downloads are in the FlexSpaces forge project. Its svn is in the flexspaces google code project.


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Steve Reiner has over 30 years of software development experience, including 9 years at Documentum, and 6 years on Harvard Graphics at Software Publishing. Developing open source integrated AI and semantic tech software including UIs, as a semi-retired individual developer / CTO of Integrated Semantics.

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