TypeScript for Alfresco and CMIS – Alfresco DevCon 2012 lightning talk slides and sample app

I also uploaded my slides to SlideShare from the second lightning talk presentation I made at Alfresco DevCon 2012 San Jose.

TypeScript for Alfresco and CMIS – Alfresco DevCon 2012 San Jose

This briefly covered some languages that can be translated to JavaScript (TypeScript, Dart, ActionScript, CoffeeScript) and used for developing HTML5/JS  desktop and mobile web applications. TypeScript seems to be the best choice. The IDEs and editors currently supporting TypeScript was then listed.

Finally, my plans to support various Alfresco and CMIS things with TypeScript was covered: port CMIS Spaces and FlexSpaces from Flex/AS3 to TypeScript, TypeScript wrappers for AlfJS and CMIS.JS, additional Alfresco and CMIS TypeScript libraries, sample showing a Share dashlet written in TypeScript, and a TypeScript definition file for intellisense / compile time type checking for Alfresco WebScripts.

The small TypeScript app (start on a repo browser) I started with definition wrappers for AlfJS, YUI3, with a dummy tree (no real data yet) and folder table (that displays data from Alfresco with AlfJS) is included here alf-yui-typescript-app1.zip (will add to github later). The definition for YUI3 comes from what this gist had with adds to get it to compile in Visual Studio 2012 with the TypeScript plugin.

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