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30. May 2008

FlexSpaces 0.3 prototype release

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New FlexSpaces 0.3 release
1. Added some WCM/AVM support to FlexSpaces prototypes:
navigate / work with files and folders in AVM stores in new WCM tab view with tree and drag/drop/clipboard between dual folder views.
(Also native drag/drop/copy/paste of desktop files into AVM stores in FlexSpceaces+AIR).
2. Added AVM support in webscripts.
3. Bugs fixed.


13. May 2008

0.2 prototype FlexSpaces+AIR and FlexSpaces+Browser release

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Updated previous blog entry 3 AIR client platforms for FlexSpaces+AIR
to not say almost 3now that I have fixed the major problems on the Mac. Now have “rich” / thick client like functionality for Alfresco on Windows, Mac, and Linux with FlexSpaces+AIR. In addition, FlexSpaces+Browser supports all of the FlexSpaces+AIR features (minus air specific desktop drag/drop/clipboard/offlining) on Windows, Mac, Linux from a browser without needing AIR installed. All from the same codebase.

FlexSpaces prototype 0.2 release

1. Updated FlexSpaces+AIR to have better support for mac (fixes upload files, native drag/drop, native clipboard, create content html), and fixed having some extra authentication dialogs on Windows

2. Added FlexSpaces+Browser prototype for browser based (non AIR) FlexSpaces from a web server

3. Added XML data webscripts only download for use with any ajax/html or flex or xyz custom application

11. May 2008

3 AIR client platforms for FlexSpaces+AIr

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Did some testing of FlexSpaces+AIR on non windows AIR client platforms:

AIR client worked fine on Linux Ubuntu 8.04 including the AIR specific features (native drag/drop, native clipboard, make files offline)
1. To install adobe air alpha runtime for linux: … on-ubuntu/
2. Double click and install FlexSpacesAir.air from
3. Set host and port in /opt/FlexSpacesAir/alfresco-config.xml
(note the linux air alpha currently does not support internal viewing of pdfs)(make pdf, make flash preview, view flash preview features of FlexSpaces still work)

On Mac OSX 10.5.2 Leopard, works except for things involving upload (upload files…, native shell drag/drop, native shell clipboard), make files offline worked. On windows and linux flash players, able to authenticate and thus upload a new file, on mac flashplayer getting 401 codes back. Still working on this issue.¬† (Update: Fixed¬† these Mac problems in 0.2 prototype 5/13/08)

1. Install released AIR 1.x runtime for the Mac
2. Double click and install FlexSpacesAir.air from
3. Set host and port name in alfresco-config.xml
a. In finder choose “Show Package Contents” on installed
b. alfresco-config.xml is in contents/resources/

Windows, basic and air specific features (native drag/drop, native clipboard, make files offline) work
1. Install air runtime
2. Double click and install FlexSpacesAir.air from
3. Set host and port in c:\Program Files\FlexSpacesAIR\alfresco-config.xml
(Would make things easier if you could set the host and port from the UI of FlexSpaces.)

Note: community and enterpise versions of the Alfresco ECM server itself are available from:
2.1 released community version
nightly builds of 2.9 community version under dev
trial versions of 2.2 released enterprise version


4. May 2008

Prototype of FlexSpaces+AIR available

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Added a prototype of FlexSpaces+AIR client (air install file) along with 23 data web scripts in a new FlexSpaces alfresco forge project.
See readme.txt in zip file. Works with windows AIR client, haven’t tried with AIR on Mac or Linux. (Again its in the early prototype stage!)

The data web scripts are JavaScript based, with Freemarker templates returning XML to the Flex / ActionScript / AIR client.


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