First FlexibleShare prototype sneak peak

Here is a screencam of an early prototype of FlexibleShare, an open source Flex  based portal container / dashboard with Flex based pods for open source enterprise SW (Alfresco ECM, Alfresco Share,  reporting/BI, BPM, portals):

FlexibleShare prototype

This will initially focus on Flex+AIR, and later will have Flex+Browser support.  Also plan to enable the pods to be used as Adobe Genesis Tiles.  (Note: the Flex based pods for Alfresco ECM will support Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES too).

Overview of  the prototype:

The prototype currently uses the Esria dashboard sample (inside a Flex+AIR application) as its portal container (also looking at the Anvil project to provide more modular support for loading Flex portlets).

Alfresco ECM / FlexSpaces tab:
The first tab in the prototype screencam has pods based on FlexSpaces (Doc Lib, Search, Tasks, WCM, Local Files). The cool thing in AIR is that desktop drag / drop into the Doc Lib and WCM pods just “works”. The Local Files pod takes advantage of AIR apis to access local files and drag / drop from it into the Doc Lib and WCM pods works too.  FlexSpaces support for Calais integration semantic tagging is also supported if enabled.

Flex-ification of Alfesco Share tab:
This tab has the early beginnings of some Flex UI (blog, wiki, discussions, site doc lib, calendar) for Alfresco Share backend. For the calendar, I am using code based on Ely’s interactive calendar. For the overall Share dashboard and Share site dashboards, using the AIR webkit HTML control to display them (so Ajax Surf dashlets can be used in them). Update: for blog, wiki, discussions, now working on more specific UI  instead of FolderViews (instead will have post/comment tree,  selected item content viewer pane, etc.) Update: Later will look into pods for individual Surf dashlets.

JasperReports tab:
This tab is using a modified version of the flex based JasperReports flash viewer to display jrpxml files.

Charts tab:
This has left in pods from the ESRIA dashboard sample. These use the Quietly Scheming chart animation effects.

Pentaho tab:
This is based on a Flex version of the Pentaho dashboard sample.

Liferay tab:
This runs Liferay in a AIR webkit HTML control. Update: later will look into pods for individual Liferay portlets.

Update: Will look into pod for CMIS api repositories with drag / drop from desktop and with Alfresco pods

Adobe Genesis MAX 2008 presentation recording now on Adobe TV

Adobe TV added about 50 more MAX 2008 presentation recordings today including:

Genesis MAX 2008 presentation recording. This recording has both a presentation and a demo in it. (Genesis MAX 2008 presentation slides on SlideShare)

Also see my previous blog post on Adobe Genesis / Flex Portals / Open Source / FlexibleShare

FlexSpaces now refactored to use the presentation model pattern

The  flexspaces google code svn now has flexspaces+browser and flexspaces+air refactored to use the “presentation model” presentation design pattern. This will be in flexspaces 0.9.

Presentation model links:
Paul Williams: Presentation Patterns – Presentation Model
Max Milan Presentation – Flex Development with Cairngorm

Previously the component dir of FlexSpaces had components using either the Supervising Presenter design pattern or the Passive View design pattern (this is still available in the Alfresco forge in the 0.8 flexspaces source downloads). With the refactoring, the component package dir has been replaced with “presmodel” and “view” package directories. Still use Cairngorm with UM extensions in the control dir as before.

The flexspaces google code now also has some some cleanup work done: 1. model locator modularized to  just be a locator of model classes. 2. The xml parsing of data coming back from web scripts has been moved to the delegates. These now return models and/or value objects.

I am finally getting around to adding support for Prana (now Spring ActionScript) to allow xml configuration of various things in flexspaces (attributes to show in properties / folder grids / advanced search, etc.) This is not in google code yet (will be in flexspaces 0.9).