Drupal + CMIS, Alfresco, CMIS Spaces Flex+AIR

Drupal CMIS Alfresco CMIS Spaces Flex+AIR CMIS Spaces Create HTML Content Dialog

Just for fun I tried out this chain of software working together for Drupal in a RIA client:

  1. Drupal 6.10 (used Acquia Drupal 1.2.3)
  2. CMIS and CMIS Alfresco Drupal modules (joint effort Optaros, Acquia, and Alfresco)
  3. Alfresco Labs 3
  4. CMIS Spaces Flex+AIR client early preview

Got it working by
1. Installing and enabling the Drupal modules
2. Configuring the CMIS, CMIS Alfresco, and CMIS Sync module settings in Drupal

(Although now only stories, pages created in Drupal get created in the Alfresco folder setup in the CMIS sync config in Drupal. I thought I had seen files created in the Alfresco folder get synced back)
Update: 2 way sync on creation
“Yes, currently Alfresco -> Drupal sync works via cron, so you’ll need to have cron running at reasonable intervals (or run it manually). This will likely be improved in future versions.”


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Tagging in FlexSpaces 0.5

I thought I would show some screenshots of the support for tagging and categorization  that will be in the next release of FlexSpaces (0.5).  FlexSpaces 0.5 will also have progress bars added in upload,  some other features, and some bug fixes.

Within the search tab view, clicking on a tag in the tag cloud lists documents/folders with the tag in the search results. Clicking on a node in the category tree will list items with the category in the search results. Within all the views except wcm,   the “Tags/Categories” dialog can be used to view and edit the tags and categories assigned to a document/folder.

I also included a screenshot of the WCM tab added in 0.3.  This allows you to navigate / work with files and folders in AVM stores, has a tree, and supports drag/drop between dual folder views (dual wcm panes is turned off in screenshot). Also native drag/drop/copy/paste of desktop files into AVM stores is supported FlexSpaces+AIR.

Note: the screenshots below also show the change in 0.4 to have an icon/grid view in search results with context menu support like the other views (instead of having the search results link view from the ace sample). Also shown is the dockable menubar and toolbar added in 0.4.


Tag Cloud


Category Tree


Tagging with Tags/Categories dialog


Categorization with Tags/Categories dialog


WCM  Tab

Links to previous posts with screenshots/screencams:


General Features and AIR specific features

Additional Features:  Start workflow, Tasks dashboard tab, flash preview of office docs, dual pane drag/drop

Advanced Search

FlexSpaces 0.3 prototype release

New FlexSpaces 0.3 release
1. Added some WCM/AVM support to FlexSpaces prototypes:
navigate / work with files and folders in AVM stores in new WCM tab view with tree and drag/drop/clipboard between dual folder views.
(Also native drag/drop/copy/paste of desktop files into AVM stores in FlexSpceaces+AIR).
2. Added AVM support in webscripts.
3. Bugs fixed.