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CMIS is the new Content Management Interoperability Services standard being developed by the by the OASIS CMIS TC. CMIS has both Web Services and REST/ATOM APIs.

Shane Johnson has a new blog post with screenshots, install download, for his CMIS explorer (Flex/AIR).

David Caruana has a blog post with an update on Alfresco’s Draft CMIS Implementation. This includes screenshots of a bunch of community projects using Alfresco’s Draft CMIS implementation.

I am starting to work on CMIS Spaces (Flex+AIR, Flex+Browser) RIA clients for CMIS. These are based on FlexSpaces. Hopefully the use of Cairngorm in FlexSpaces will allow CMIS delegates to be swapped in. CMIS Spaces will also work as a pod in FlexibleShare. (Also plan to have CMIS Spaces work as a tile in Adobe Genesis).


FlexSpaces for Alfresco and LiveCycle CS ES, Calais integration, FlexibleShare

Here are some links to screencam demos, previous posts about FlexSpaces (both Flex+Browser and Flex+AIR), an open source RIA client for Alfresco ECM (and for Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES too).  FlexSpaces has many features including multiple views (icon/thumbnail/grid/coverflow),  doclib, search, workflow,  and wcm. The AIR version has desktop native drag/drop/clipboard support. These clients also have UI (auto-tagging, tag suggesting, geo-location tag google map) for the Alfresco Calais integration.  FlexSpaces uses Cairngorm and has been refactored to use the presentation model pattern.

FlexSpaces Geo-Tagging
FlexSpaces showing Calais Integration features

FlexSpaces Downloads

Additionally,  prototype work has started on FlexibleShare, which leverages FlexSpaces components in an open source Flex based portal container / dashboard with Flex based pods for open source enterprise software (Alfresco ECM, Alfresco Share,  reporting/BI, BPM, Liferay portal backend) and also LiveCycle. Also plan to enable the pods to be used as Adobe Genesis Tiles.

FlexibleShare prototype
FlexibleShare prototype

Other FlexSpaces Screenshots / Screencams
Liferay + FlexSpaces + Alfresco
Alfresco Share 3.0 Integration, Thumbnail, CoverFlow View, Advanced Search
Tagging, Categorization, WCM
General Features and AIR specific features
Start workflow, Tasks dashboard tab,  preview, dual pane drag/drop

Integrated Semantics
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FlexSpaces Forum Topic
FlexSpaces on Google Code
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Alfresco Groovy Processor / Flex

Alexander has updated his Groovy processor to work in Alfresco 3.0 (3.0 stable final). Previously it was for Alfresco 2.x. It allows using .groovy and .gsp in web scripts installed in Alfresco.  I will have to try some Flex UI calling Groovy web scripts,  later support server-side customization of FlexSpaces and FlexibleShare with Groovy!.

Update: Here is a link to a 8/19/2010 blog post from Peter Monks at Alfresco

His Alfresco Forge Groovy project using a different approach

(no download file, need to be logged into Alfresco Forge then can browse code in svn)

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