Drupal + CMIS, Alfresco, CMIS Spaces Flex+AIR

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Just for fun I tried out this chain of software working together for Drupal in a RIA client:

  1. Drupal 6.10 (used Acquia Drupal 1.2.3)
  2. CMIS and CMIS Alfresco Drupal modules (joint effort Optaros, Acquia, and Alfresco)
  3. Alfresco Labs 3
  4. CMIS Spaces Flex+AIR client early preview

Got it working by
1. Installing and enabling the Drupal modules
2. Configuring the CMIS, CMIS Alfresco, and CMIS Sync module settings in Drupal

(Although now only stories, pages created in Drupal get created in the Alfresco folder setup in the CMIS sync config in Drupal. I thought I had seen files created in the Alfresco folder get synced back)
Update: 2 way sync on creation
“Yes, currently Alfresco -> Drupal sync works via cron, so you’ll need to have cron running at reasonable intervals (or run it manually). This will likely be improved in future versions.”


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