FlexSpaces Additional Features

Below is a new screencam of added workflow features in FlexSpaces and FlexSpaces+AIR for Alfresco. Added Start Workflow dialog, task dashboard tab with task list, task attachment list (with full menu, context menu support), adhoc done, approve, reject buttons. Added web scripts to support these features.

Screencam also shows Flash preview of MS Office documents, and drag drop between two repository folders. ( Feature list )


Alfresco Flex Clients: FlexSpaces+AIR and FlexSpaces+Browser Screenshots

FlexSpaces+AIR Screenshots

Repository Tree, 2 Repository Folders, Local Files Tree+Folder (NASA Mission Control Mode)

FlexSpaces+AIR screenshot1

Create Space Dialog

FlexSpaces+AIR  Create Space Dialog

Viewing PDF Document

view pdf doc

Create Content – HTML

Create HTML Content

Folder Details View Mode

folder details view mode

Properties View / Edit


Example of Ajax Web Script UI Integrated inside the Flex UI

Example Ajax UI Integration

Search results with Flash Preview (based on Alfresco ACE )

search results with flash preview

FlexSpaces Screenshot

(same as FlexSpaces+AIR but in your browser, minus native drag/drop with desktop, native desktop clipboard, file offline support)