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22. September 2009

Flexspaces with Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES, Calais Integration works with ES2

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FlexSpaces Easier To Use With LiveCycle Content Services ES

I finally updated FlexSpaces  (version 0.931) to not need a recompile for a server URL change with LiveCycle Content Sevices ES (changes to FlexSpacesConfig.xml and to server side services-config.xml still required).

Calais Integration

I tested with LiveCycle ContentSevices ES 8.2.1  and also with the LiveCycle ES2 M3 R3 beta. On ES2, I also tested with the Alfresco Calais Integration and it works fine via the FlexSpaces Calais UI (auto semantic tagging, tag suggestion, google map geo-tagging).  Nice thing about the ES2 installer is it allows you to include custom AMP files. I used the turnkey install, selected the custom option when the Configuration Manager ran.  I had the calaisIntegration.amp release 1.1  in c:\amps.  When the config mgr is deploying content services, check the include custom amps checkbox, and browse to choose c:\amps.

Remaining Problems

Still have two remaining problems with FlexSpaces on LC Content Services.  Get an authentication prompt on upload that can cause the first upload not work on AIR/Windows (on Mac/AIR, Windows/Mac/browser get errors on upload). Alfresco has an alf_ticket URL arg that makes it easy to authenticate with. You can’t use this with LiveCycle ContentServices. You have to use authentication headers. Flex doesn’t let you use  headers with FileReference.upload()   or navigateToURL()   (view a file given an Alfresco download URL).    For navigateToURL, it works other than getting an authentication prompt the first time using file viewing.For uploading, I think by switching to upload to  /remoting/lcfileupload  instead directly to a webscript url will be the part of the solution. This will get files into the LiveCycle “Repository”.  Just need to get files from there to the LiveCycle Content Services repository.  Unlike this ADC article I don’t want to have to require the LC Process Mgt option. If anybody has some suggested APIs or sample code, let me know. Don’t think there is a work around for the navigateToURL issue.


1. Changed to new up a ChannelSet with channel URLs coming from the FlexSpaceConfig.xml Spring ActionScript file instead of compiling in a services-config.xml.2. See doc\livecycle\readmeLiveCycleContentServices.txt for FlexSpacesConfig.xml LC CS specific changes, and server side services-config.xml changes still required.3. Note FlexSpaces needs its FlexSpacesConfig.xml configured with a Calais key and a Google Map api key to get UI for the Calais Integration enabled (see doc\flexspacesAir\readmeFlexSpacesForAIR.txt)4. For instructions on adding an amp to an existing install (of 8.2.1, dir name, deploy areas different on ES2) see Dr Flex & Dr LiveCycle. (Haven’t tried the Calais Integration on LC CS 8.2.1. It should work since it works with Alfresco 2.1).

9. August 2009

Updated the look of FlexSpaces, CMIS Spaces, and FlexibleShare

I released new builds of FlexSpaces, CMIS Spaces,  and FlexibleShare. These have a new ‘look” (with added skinning of menus/tabs,  and expanded/changed style files):

FlexSpaces 0.92

FlexSpaces+AIR 0.92 ( Alfresco Forge , Google Code )  (Tested with Alfresco 3.2, Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES 8.2.1)

CMIS Spaces build 8

CMIS Spaces +AIR build 8 ( Alfresco Forge , Google Code ) (Tested with Alfresco 3.2)
Note: CMIS Spaces build 8 is for the CMIS 0.61 spec. I will do a new build soon for the CMIS 0.62 spec.

FlexibleShare build 2

FlexibleShare +AIR build 2 ( Alfresco Forge , Google Code ) (Tested with Alfresco 3.2, Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES 8.2.1)

2. June 2009

FlexSpaces and LiveCycle Workspace integrated UI

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I was able to get FlexSpaces UI for document management with Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES integrated with LiveCycle Workspace UI for  starting processes/forms/task-lists.  The workspace start process, to-do, and tracking are in tabs. The workspace preferences, messages, help are available from menus.  It works on Flex+Browser.   Also will SSO from/to other LC apps. (I can’t make this available as open source).

For an integration of FlexSpaces+AIR with Workspace, getting PDF Form controlling code to work in Flex+AIR looks challenging.  I could also create some Workspace pods for FlexibleShare (although FlexibleShare is Flex+AIR currently, could also do a +Browser version)

Document Library Tab (click image twice for larger):

FlexSpaces for LiveCycle doc library

Workspace Tab / start process (click image twice for larger):

FlexSpaces for LiveCycle start process

19. May 2009

FlexibleShare+AIR (dashboard/portal for Alfresco, LiveCycle): build1 available

A first build and source for FlexibleShare+AIR, an open source, Flex based dashboard/portal container focused on document management (Alfresco, Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES), collaboration (Alfresco Share),  and BI/charting/reporting, is now available on the Alfresco Forge and on Google Code.

As a Flex based dashboard for FlexSpaces view pods (doc mgt, wcm, search, workflow tasks), its further along. (Note that the WCM pod is commented out in data/pods.xml).

The Flex based pods (blog, wiki, discussions, doclib, calendar) for Share back-end are prototypes. No commenting/reply feature yet. The calendar doesn’t hook into the Share backend yet. The Share dashboard html pod runs the Share overall dashboard (no pods for individual Surf dashlets yet).  (Note that you need to confgure Share pods with the correct site short url name in the siteUrlName attributes in pods.xml)

The Charting, Pentaho charting, JasperReports report viewer pods are samples only (additional BI/reporting capabilities to come). Liferay html pod runs the full Liferay portal (no pods for individual Liferay portlets yet).

FlexibleShare uses the Esria dashboard sample. I still need to look into leveraging the  Anvil project to provide more modular support for loading Flex portlets. (Note see previous blog post with more details on FlexibleShare)

Do to use of AIR, you can drag desktop files into FlexibleShare folder views. Regular AIR drag / drop also allows you to drag files from the local files pod to folder view pods and between folder view pods. Calais semantic auto-tagging, tag suggesting can be used in Doclib pods and in the search pod (switch from having the “simplesearch” pod to the “search” pod in pods.xml), and setup the Calais key / set enableCalais in FlexSpacesConfig.xml

To get FlexibleShare to run on LiveCycle Content Services (8.2.1), FlexSpacesConfig.xml needs to be changed following its LiveCycle comments (different setting for alfresoUrlPart, set isLiveCycleContentService value to true, and set serverVersion to 2.1 to reflect its embedded Alfreso. Also in data/pods.xml comment out the tasks pod, and remove the pods in Share section. Note: for FlexibleShare on LiveCycle on non localhost, currently need to recompile with service-config.xml changed.

FlexibleShare Document Management (WCM pod not shown) screenshot (click on for larger):

FlexibleShare+AIR  document management

FlexibleShare Collaboration screenshot (click on for larger):

FlexibleShare+AIR Alfresco Share Collaboration

4. May 2009

FlexSpaces 0.9 released, CMIS Spaces preview build 6 released

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FlexSpaces 0.9 screenshot
FlexSpaces 0.9 (Flex+AIR, Flex+Browser) RIA Clients for Alfresco  (and Adobe LiveCycle Content Services)
Refactored to use Presentation Model pattern, added SampleApp1, severside paging in webscripts (doclib, search results), favorites/shortcuts, now 6 languages, preview now more usable and uses same content model REST api as Alfresco Share, Spring ActionScript XML config of: what views to show (doclib, search, tasks, wcm, share),  whether to have coverflow view mode,  default view page sizes, page size picklist, thumbnail info (id/name, size). Menu config more usable now that all menu enable/disable code is position independent, thumbnails fixed, bug fixes.  FlexSpaces on Google Code FlexSpaces on Alfresco Forge (Update: note in FlexSpacesConfig.xml, for LiveCycle, the alfrescoUrlPart should be “/contentspace/service” not “/contentspace/servicee” in the comment. )

CMIS Spaces screenshot
CMIS Spaces RIA clients (Flex+AIR, Flex+Browser) preview build 6
CMIS Spaces clients are for ECM / CMS servers supporting the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard. CMIS Spaces supports CMIS on both REST Atom and SOAP. Changed to keep in sync with FlexSpaces 0.9 code, performance fix to remove overhead of undisplayed coverflow, CMIS Spaces specifc menu XML config file, Spring ActionScript XML config of: what views to show (doclib, search, checked out), default view page sizes, page size picklist. CMIS Spaces on Google Code CMIS Spaces on Alfresco Forge

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