CMIS Spaces source code checked in, CMIS / AtomPub ActionScript API notes

The source code for CMIS Spaces (both Flex+AIR and Flex+Browser) is now checked into

(2191 files, including 6 language translations, although some of the files for FlexSpaces parts (workflow, wcm) are not used in CMIS Spaces)

Previous blog post covers what is working at this point and some setup info

There are 4 Flex Builder projects:
1. CMISSpaces (for CMIS Spaces Flex+Browser)
2. CMISSpacesAir (for CMIS Spaces Flex+AIR)
3. FlexSpaces (some modifications to FlexSpaces base code for CMIS, don’t need to build, dir is just used by CMISSpaces, CMISSpacesAir)
4. FlexSpacesAir (some modifications to FlexSpaces AIR base code for CMIS, don’t need to build, dir is just used by CMISSpacesAir)

Notes on the CMIS “client api” (client side service/data api) used in the code:
1. main part is in CMISSpaces/src/org/integratedsemantics/cmisspaces/cmis/atom
This consists of CMISAtomClient, extended cmis entry and feed classes, port of Alfresco’s Abdera extension classes CMISObject, CMISProperty, etc. to ActionScript
2. CMISAtomClient extends AtompubClient from as3atompub. The modified code from as3atompub is in CMISSpaces/src/org/coderepos (modified to work with newer version of as3httpclientlib
/sockets HttpClient (in org/httpclient) and to work without sockets using HttpClient2 in org/integratedsemantics/util)
3. CMIS Spaces also has Cairngorm events/commands/delegates api in org/integratedsemantics/cmisspaces/control that uses CMISAtomClient / AtompubClient

Also there are two other Atom related ActionScript libs out there
1. as3syndicationlib
2. NoteTag Kiwi AtomProtocol Library

Also a CMIS Atom Flex library project has started

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