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4. November 2008

FlexSpaces 0.7 released

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FlexSpaces 0.7 released

1. UI strings in resources, Spanish translation (thanks Nuno Barrocas / OKHA Networks), German translation (thanks May Computer), Japanese translation (thanks Tetsuya Suga). (Flexspaces currently only built with English set of resource bundles. source code has all four languages)

2. The locale specific dir for a set of menu xml files to load can be configured (without recompile) by setting default-locale in alfresco-config.xml

3. Added paging support in folder views, search results

4. Added play video support (only avail from context menu, which is always enabled) will launch video in a new tab view with play, stop, pause buttons

5. Added support for Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES

6. Added version history panel in doclib view (no wcm support) which shows versions of selected doc (if made versionable). View / Version History menu toggle panel on/off

7. tree fixes (select by path not name), refresh when add or delete folder

8. friendlier error msg dialog (stack details collapsed down), Friendlier login error message.

9. Although mainly support flash 9.x player, did some testing with flash 10 player. Only issue: edit does checkout + download with flash 9.x player. With flash 10.x player, edit will only do the checkout. Can still do the download as a separate step with flash 10.x player.

10. Tested with released version of Alfresco Enterprise 3.0

11. FlexSpacesAir has added browser tab running Share (can also be used for running other web page). Previously this feature was a separate experimental download

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