FlexSpaces support for Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES

The latest source in the flexspaces googlecode project svn now has support for Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES in addition to regular Alfresco.


livecycle flexspaces readme: readmeLiveCycleContentServices.txt  http://code.google.com/p/flexspaces/source/browse/#svn/trunk/doc/livecycle

Both the flexspaces and flexspacesair flex/actionscript code has changed from 0.6 flexspaces for livecycle support (in addition to changes beyond 0.6 for paging and strings in resource bundles).

 For webscripts, only change from 0.6 was the addition of a start workflow webscript in livecycle/tasks
(calls the action process-action that calls the Review and Approve LiveCycle sample process)

Make PDF didn’t require anything special (existing web script worked). (will get watermark with livecycle trial)

Have a transform config file for make flash preview (uses livecycle for pdf generation then pdf2swf) and existng webscript works (see readmeLiveCycleContentServices.txt)

I was able to use the flex proxy and basic auth to avoid auth prompts for HTTPService calls to web scripts (see readmeLiveCycleContentServices.txt for services-config.xml change)

The first time you use upload, view, or download, you will get an auth prompt. Been trying to use a ticket header to avoid this, but must be running into flex/flash not allowing http headers for security reasons.
(tried crossdomain.xml with allow headers, didn’t help)

LiveCycle download (1 year trial)  http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/trial/

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