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13. May 2008

0.2 prototype FlexSpaces+AIR and FlexSpaces+Browser release

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Updated previous blog entry 3 AIR client platforms for FlexSpaces+AIR
to not say almost 3now that I have fixed the major problems on the Mac. Now have “rich” / thick client like functionality for Alfresco on Windows, Mac, and Linux with FlexSpaces+AIR. In addition, FlexSpaces+Browser supports all of the FlexSpaces+AIR features (minus air specific desktop drag/drop/clipboard/offlining) on Windows, Mac, Linux from a browser without needing AIR installed. All from the same codebase.

FlexSpaces prototype 0.2 release

1. Updated FlexSpaces+AIR to have better support for mac (fixes upload files, native drag/drop, native clipboard, create content html), and fixed having some extra authentication dialogs on Windows

2. Added FlexSpaces+Browser prototype for browser based (non AIR) FlexSpaces from a web server

3. Added XML data webscripts only download for use with any ajax/html or flex or xyz custom application

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