FlexSpaces 0.4 released

FlexSpaces 0.4 released

Flex/ActionScript source for FlexSpaces+Browser and FlexSpaces+AIR included in this release.
No longer a prototype, significant work to make the code more well structured, commented, etc. (Added use of Cairngorm+UM, Supervising Presenter / Passive View presentation patterns.)

New features include icon/grid view and context menu in search results, dockable toolbar/menubar, menu enabling/disabling, XML configuration of context and main menus, start on advanced search (UI only).


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Steve Reiner has over 30 years of software development experience, including 9 years at Documentum, and 6 years on Harvard Graphics at Software Publishing. Developing open source integrated AI and semantic tech software including UIs, as a semi-retired individual developer / CTO of Integrated Semantics.

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